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Additional Trays

One of the biggest benefits of the EZIDRI dehydrators consists in equipping it with additional trays, maintaining the drying quality. The capacity of the model EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 can be expanded from five trays to a total of thirty trays.

The patented air distribution allows you to maintain great drying properties, even with the additional trays of the model EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker . The basic five trays can be expanded to fifteen trays, without compromising the drying quality. The trays for the model FD500 are sold in a two-piece set.

from 148,00 kr

Apple Slicer and Peeler

This little devil is an indispensable tool not only for drying apples. It can cut fresh apples or pears into spirals; it can cut out the apple core and peel the apple. By simply cutting the spiral, the apples are ready for further processing, for example drying or direct consumption.

The slices are all the same (thickness of about 5 mm), and they can be used for cakes or fruit salads. Slicing with this slicer is also fun (mainly for children). The slicer saves precious time. No doubt, you will be impressed by the peeling cleanliness and quality.

 293,00 kr

Solid Sheets

With the EZIDRI dehydrators, you can also conjure up a number of great desserts, such as fruit or vegetable rolls. This is done with solid sheets. With the model EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 you can use up to fifteen at once, without compromising the drying quality.

Great desserts can be prepared thanks to the solid sheets even with the model EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker. With this smaller type, you can dry fruit or vegetable paste-like filling on up to ten various solid sheets.

from 40,00 kr

Mesh Sheets

Mesh sheets are made of flexible materials and with the EZIDRI dehydrators, they are used mainly to dry finer types of fruit (e.g. small berries), herbs, tea leaves and similar stuff. With the model EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 , you can dry herbs with up to thirty mesh trays, without compromising the drying quality.

Drying herbs and tea leaves is also possible with EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker. The recommended maximum number of mesh inserts for perfect drying is 15 for one drying. Of course, the mesh inserts are made of totally safe material (BPA-free).

from 39,00 kr