isofloc silencio

isofloc silencio - the innovative cellulose acoustic coating

isofloc cellulose fibres in roofs and walls have, for over 30 years, been protecting residents successfully from cold, heat and noise. For a high level of well-being and outstanding performance, however, optimal room acoustics are also necessary. Today's building designs have generous floor plans, open designs of spaces and sound-reflecting surfaces, giving an increased need for attention to the acoustics. Since cellulose fibres are very good at absorbing sound, we have developed the isofloc silencio acoustic system.

Advantages for the building owner

Whether it's in offices, living rooms, galleries, industrial workshops, commercial premises, restaurants, classrooms or staircases - thanks to the flexibility of isofloc silencio, there are no limits to the application options. Our acoustic system provides excellent sound absorption values from as little as 15 millimetres. Speech comprehensibility in rooms is improved, and the noise level significantly lowered. isofloc silencio can be sprayed directly onto existing surfaces. No elaborate substructure is necessary. An unbeatable argument if the room height is already limited.

How does it work?

isofloc silencio is sprayed onto the ceiling (or alternatively on other absorption surfaces) using a specially developed machine and with the addition of a water-soluble glue. The cellulose fibres adhere to the surface and form a joint-free, exactly fitting and even absorption layer there. The thickness can be varied depending on the amount of sound absorption required. The installation is carried out exclusively by trained isofloc silencio specialists.

Become an isofloc silencio specialist

This success of isofloc silencio is based on three components that are perfectly matched to one another:

First-class products: isofloc silencio is a unique acoustic solution without an elaborate substructure and with a great deal of application flexibility. The perfect solution for today’s modern and open building design.

Comprehensive service: We support the isofloc silencio specialists with comprehensive service and offer advice in technical issues, carry out structural engineering computations, help with your calculations and support you on site.

Powerful machine: The third component is a powerful and easy-to-operate machine. It allows fast, rational work with a constantly high quality.

With our system, isofloc silencio specialists obtain everything they need for economically successful insulation solutions - completely from a single source.


Here, you will find our safety data sheets and declarations of performance.


  • outstanding performance for protection against heat, cold and sound
  • hygroscopic and moisture regulative
  • tested fire safety
  • perfect fit for every thickness and shape with only one material
  • excellent profitability
  • lowest production-energy consumption of all industrially produced insulation materials
  • high-quality installer training