isofloc BF

isofloc BF


Cellulosaisolering utan tillsats av borsyra.

isofloc BF passar bra i sammanhang där man inte önskar tillsats av borsyra.

isofloc LW består av återvunnet tidningspapper, vilket finfördelas och blandas med ca 10 % tilläggsprodukter.

isofloc värmeisolering = låg energiinsats, hög komfort, behaglig temperatur, gott inomhusklimat och goda ljudisolerande egenskaper.   

Isofloc har förutom sina egna fördelar även egenskaper som gör det likvärdigt massivt isoleringsmaterial: skarvfri inpassning, motverkande av luftdrag liksom fuktutjämning beroende på att materialet andas. 

Protection against cold in winter and heat in summer

Good insulation protects not only against cold, but also against heat. The high storage capacity of isofloc significantly delays the thermal transmittance due to solar radiation. The thermal protection can be calculated. By this we mean a phase shift. The phase shift PHI is the time period in hours that a temperature wave requires in order to move from the outside of the building to the inside. The larger the phase shift (number of hours), the longer it takes before an increase in temperature is noticeable inside the room.

Sorption behaviour

The careful planning and the harmony of the construction with regard to building physics ensure the stability of the value and the living comfort of a house. The excellent hygroscopic properties of isofloc cellulose fibres result in considerably higher safety for the construction. Unlike mineral insulating materials, cellulose can take up and transmit moisture up to a relative humidity of 99.5%. Thanks to this positive characteristic the insulating layer can compensate the possible formation of moisture. The risk of building damage is minimised by moisture-tolerant building materials and constructions. Hence, isofloc offers greater security against building damage in case of slight execution errors or superstructures that are demanding with regard to building physics.

Tested fire safety

Fire tests carried out at the Empa Dübendorf in co-operation with the ETH Zurich show: in case of flame impingement of isofloc, charcoal is formed at the surface as is familiar from the burning of wood. The charcoal layer of the superficially burnt-out insulating material protects the underlying insulation. Thus isofloc keeps the heat away from the side that is turned away from the fire for an above-average length of time.

Outstanding cost-effectiveness

isofloc is a injectable insulating material that adapts itself optimally to the most diverse hollow spaces when filling. Thanks to its loose form, every insulation thickness and every geometry can be insulated without joints and without waste. Hence, there are no more storage costs for several insulating materials and the associated problems of space are consigned to the past. The double laying of insulating mats can be dispensed with for large insulation thicknesses, which further increases cost-effectiveness by a considerable amount. Furthermore, isofloc cellulose fibres make an important contribution to the airtightness of the building envelope due to the properties mentioned above.

Environmental protection

isofloc is made from newsprint. The treatment of the environmentally-friendly raw material to make thermally insulating fibres consumes little energy. In fact, no other industrially manufactured insulating material can be produced with such a low use of energy as isofloc cellulose insulation. Not only that, cellulose fibres bind around 1.4 kg of CO2 per kilogramme of installed insulation. An isofloc insulation therefore not only reduces the pollutant emissions of a building, but also actively relieves the environment by the storage of CO2.

Training courses

Timber construction companies of all kinds are trained on intensive training courses to become isofloc insulation professionals. In modern training centres they are trained in the theoretical and practical aspects of injection insulation. Advanced training courses on system solutions and update courses ensure that the isofloc insulation professionals are always up to date.


  • outstanding performance for protection against heat, cold and sound
  • hygroscopic and moisture regulative
  • tested fire safety
  • perfect fit for every thickness and shape with only one material
  • excellent profitability
  • lowest production-energy consumption of all industrially produced insulation materials
  • high-quality installer training