isofloc air sealing

isofloc air sealing products

The isofloc air sealing products are the ideal supplement to our injected insulating materials. The products are harmonised to one another for exact fit and guarantee perfect results.

The products

  • Thanks to its moisture variability, the isofloc active sd 0.25-10 reinforced high-performance vapour barrier is exceedingly well suited to both diffusion-permeable and variously diffusion-tight constructions.
  • The isofloc static sd 2 is a vapour barrier and air sealing membrane for constructions with outer diffusion-permeable cladding.
  • The isofloc tape VA all-round adhesive tape is for the permanent airtight and secure sealing of overlaps and their joints with adjacent structural elements.
  • The isofloc patch VA adhesive plaster is ideally suitable for the simple, fast and permanently sealing of blow-in openings and for repairs.
  • The isofloc col OF all-round adhesive rounds off the range of air sealing products for the time being.

Become an isofloc specialist

We are the solution provider for the entire system of injected insulation materials. This success is based on three components that are perfectly matched to one another – the isofloc insulation system:

First-class products: With the isofloc air sealing products, constructions can be quickly and economically sealed – with only one partner in purchasing. The isofloc air sealing products are therefore the perfect supplement to the range of products.

Comprehensive service: We support the isofloc specialists with comprehensive service and offer advice in technical issues, carry out structural engineering computations, help with your calculations or in making a decision for the right construction details, and support you on site.

Powerful machines: Powerful, easy-to-operate machines form the third component of the isofloc insulation system. They allow fast, rational work with a constantly high insulating quality.

With our insulating system, isofloc specialists obtain everything they need for economical and energetically successful insulation solutions completely from a single source.


Here, you will find our safety data sheets and declarations of performance.


  • The isofloc air sealing products are the optimum supplement to our injected insulating materials

  • Efficient constructions can be quickly and economically completed thanks to the combination of isofloc air sealing products with our injected insulation materials

  • High degree of building damage prevention potential due to variable sd value (isofloc active)

  • Harmonised products

  • Only one partner in purchasing